Sunday, August 2, 2009


Nowadays, some teachers are talking about ICT, “N” generation, e-tivities, social net working, among other new concepts in education; but actually most of the teachers and students , in my school context, do not have any idea about these terms and how education could be improved by creating new learning environments.

I think that we, the Master candidates, have the fortune of becoming the pioneers of real and effective changes in our schools. This course aims to empower participants to design new learning environments in order to teach more effective classes. Although it sounds very interesting and rewarding, it is a big challenge in most of Colombian public schools. For example, my students are a “little bit” technologically behind of other youngsters due the conditions and possibilities they are offered. Although most of them have an e-mail account and know how to chat or use Facebook, they do not know how to use the computer effectively, for academic purposes.

Last semester I had the opportunity to carried out my action research project about how to improve short story writing by using an e-portfolio with eleventh graders, but there were a lot of technological constraints we had to face in order to get the final results. I think that these difficulties have encouraged me to continue looking for new learning possibilities so I would like to learn more about these new learning environments and how to deal with those constrains effectively, in order to make the difference in my school and show other teachers that changes, in education, are possible.

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