Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Task 1.2.1

After watching these videos I realize that there are many things I ignore in spite of working hard for being an updated person. Amazingly, changes in the world happen rapidly, and technological advances are one of the factors that have contributed to change the way in which people are communicating and learning, lately.
Taking into account that we are 21st century teachers and that our kids belong to the “N” generation, we have to be prepared for working with these types of kids in a more effective way. These students cannot be taught in the same way we were. It does not mean that education in the past was worse or better, I only mean, that it was different. Teachers cannot stop learning if we do not want to stop teaching. Updated and dynamic teachers are required to cope with all of these technological advances in order to develop lifelong learning processes and to provide students with interesting, motivating and efficient tools to help them to become in self-directed learners.

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